The Role of Volunteers

Thank you for coming out and volunteering your time with us today! It is important that you know a few basics about Forest School in order for everyone to get the most out of you coming out with us today.

Forest School is about children taking the initiative, leading the play and exploration and making their own decisions as well as taking risks in a safe environment and developing their problem solving skills. For all of these things to take place it is imperative that we as adults do not get too involved. Therefore, please try to stand back and watch the magic happen rather than get involved and solve.

In case of an emergency the Forest School leaders are First Aid trained. If an emergency situation were to arise the leader will be the first aid attendant. Please follow any of their instructions as the situation dictates.

Let the children make ‘mistakes’ as this is the only way to learn – “what could you do now?” NOT “I think you should do this.”

Let the children take risks (unless their safety or the safety of other children is at stake)

Let the children lead the play – what are you doing? NOT Let’s do this

Allow the children to ‘go off task’ as all activities presented are only suggestions of what they can choose to do with their time

Stand back, watch and listen unless invited into the play by the children – what would you like me to do NOT I think you should do this

The site has holly bushes and brambles so all members of the Forest School (including volunteers and leaders) must be in long trousers and long sleeved tops (preferably water proof) with sturdy shoes

Enjoy yourself! You are a role model if the children see you being squeamish about the weather, mud, etc they will be too.