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Down in the Woods Ltd is an educational company providing BUSHCRAFT, FOREST SCHOOL and DUKE OF EDINBURGH services to children and adults of all ages. We pride ourselves on the quality of our courses and integrity of our staff. You can find out more by clicking through to the Bushcraft Courses and Forest School sessions pages. You can also take a look at our Duke of Edinburgh, Navigation Training and Corporate Team Building services provision.

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Campfire Cooking for Adhurst Yurts

We had fun Cooking Fish and Bread over the fire at Adhurst yurts last Friday. We cooked Trout and Mackrell over the fire and bread to go with it.
The children prepared and cooked Club Bread over the fire and the adults baked a risen loaf a in the Dutch oven over the fire.

Native Americans have called plantain “Whiteman’s Foot”

At Forest School in Cheam we have been looking at the plants around us that have medicinal properties. Last week we took a look at Plantain or Plantagus major.
We made a plantain tea with it and the class tried it deciding that it tasted like (green hot water) so not a big hit then.

A Chemistry Lesson in Forest School

We Had a Chemistry lesson in Forest School today how to turn a Bluebell into a Pinkbell using Yellow Meadow ants and Formic acid.

Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Expedition Training

I spent a nice day out on Saturday helping with the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh expedition. At one spot just below the Bluebell Railway I came across a small Silver Birch woodland carpeted with Wild Garlic Allium ursinum.

Ham Common with Forest School

I spent some time in my favourite woodland today practicing a little tracking and having lunch. I thought I would just see what I could find to heat up the stew I had taken.

Walk on Leith Hill

Got out in the sun on Sunday and went for a walk up onto Leith Hill. Leith Hill is the highest point in south East England it is Gothic tower with views to London and south to the English Channel.