Your Bush Craft Experience

Down in the Woods Ltd run a variety of  Bush Craft courses below including One Day Introduction to Bushcraft, Father and Son Bow Making Day, Survival Saturdays, Two day Introduction to Bushcraft Course, Two day Family Bushcraft course, Duke of Edinburgh’s Bushcraft Residential and Bushcraft Skills week.

However before you spend your money it may be helpful to you for me to explain what I believe Bushcraft to be. To start that I would ask you “ what does the term Bushcraft mean to you?” For Horace Kephart in his book “The Book of Camping and Woodcraft” published in 1906 he said that “Woodcraft may be defined as the art of getting along well in the wilderness by utilizing natures storehouse”. He dedicates his book to another writer of the time George R Sears Better known by his Indian title of Nessmuk who in his book said “We do not go to the woods to rough; it we go to smoothe it, we get it rough enough in town”

I believe that Woodcraft or Bushcraft as it is better know now in the UK is every bit as important if not more important to people now than it was in 1906. For me Bushcraft is a practical process of applying the knowledge and training you have to the environment you find yourself in and possibly adapting to it and living in it comfortably. Bushcraft for me is not about carrying big knives, eating bugs and trying to survive at the cost of the environment but using the appropriate tool for the job at hand in a safe manner whilst ensuring you make as little impact on the land as is possible.

In following this I hope to open the eyes and minds of the people who come and join me in the woods to the wonderful environment that they find themselves in and to send them away with a new found respect for it.

Full details for each course can be found on the individual courses pages. Please read the course details carefully. If you need help in choosing the right course for you please contact us via our contact form or on 07813 772664 or via email

One Day Introduction to Bushcraft

The aim of this course is to introduce you to the fundamentals of Bushcraft in a small group. The content of the course may vary due to the season.

Family Bow Making Day

A chance for the family to get out into a fantastic woodland environment and build a bow.

Two Day Introduction to Bushcraft

This two day two night course is our intermediate course which has proven to be the most popular so far. No prior experience is needed for this course.

Survival for Teenagers

Lessons in Survival and Bushcraft for Teenagers without their gadgets.

Two Day Family Bushcraft

On this two day 2 night course we will introduce you and your child to the joys of the natural world. This course has been broken into short interactive chunks and as much fun as possible.

Bushcraft Cookery

This one-day course is designed to introduce the concept of Bushcraft cookery and allow him or her to leave the woods feeling relaxed about preparing meals in the wild.

D of E Residential

This course is open to all Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s entrants to learn Bushcraft skills in a secluded Ancient Woodland environment.

Duke of Edinburgh

Down in the Woods Ltd run Duke of Edinburgh awards training. Click the find out more button for more details.

Navigation Training

Down in the Woods Ltd run Navigational Training. Click the find out more button for more details.

Corporate Team Building

Down in the Woods Ltd run Corporate Team building. Click the find out more button for more details.

Forest School

Down in the Woods Ltd run Term Time and Holiday Time Forest Schools at Warren Farm for different age groups. Click the find out more button for more details.