Two Day Family Bushcraft

On this two day 2 night course we will introduce you and your child to the joys of the natural world. Appreciating that the attention span of your young Bushcrafter’s can be short we have broken this course into short interactive chunks and as much fun as possible.

The following subjects are covered on this course:

  • How to use a knife safely.
  • Making your Father and Son bow and using it in our Archery competition.
  • Tracking and Stalking learning how to move in the woods unobserved.
  • An introduction to the plants and trees around you.
  • Camp Cookery.
  • When it’s dark, stalk into camp undetected to retrieve the prize.
  • You will experience a night around your own campfire amongst friends and enthusiasts alike with the sights and sounds of the forest around you, sleeping under your own shelter or in your tent.

PLEASE NOTE: The ticket price is £140 for one adult and one child.

Survival for Teenagers

Lessons in Survival and Bushcraft for Teenagers without their gadgets.

Family Bow Making Day

A chance for the family to get out into a fantastic woodland environment and build a bow.

D of E Residential

This course is open to all Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s entrants to learn Bushcraft skills in a secluded Ancient Woodland environment.

Bushcraft Cookery

This one-day course is designed to introduce the concept of Bushcraft cookery and allow him or her to leave the woods feeling relaxed about preparing meals in the wild.

Two Day Introduction to Bushcraft

This two day two night course is our intermediate course which has proven to be the most popular so far. No prior experience is needed for this course.

One Day Introduction to Bushcraft

The aim of this course is to introduce you to the fundamentals of Bushcraft in a small group. The content of the course may vary due to the season.

Duke of Edinburgh

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Navigation Training

Down in the Woods Ltd run Navigational Training. Click the find out more button for more details.

Corporate Team Building

Down in the Woods Ltd run Corporate Team building. Click the find out more button for more details.

Forest School

Down in the Woods Ltd run Term Time and Holiday Time Forest Schools at Warren Farm for different age groups. Click the find out more button for more details.