Native Americans have called plantain “Whiteman’s Foot”

At Forest School in Cheam we have been looking at the plants around us that have medicinal properties. Last week we took a look at Plantain or Plantagus major.
We made a plantain tea with it and the class tried it deciding that it tasted like (green hot water) so not a big hit then.

A Chemistry Lesson in Forest School

We Had a Chemistry lesson in Forest School today how to turn a Bluebell into a Pinkbell using Yellow Meadow ants and Formic acid.

Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Expedition Training

I spent a nice day out on Saturday helping with the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh expedition. At one spot just below the Bluebell Railway I came across a small Silver Birch woodland carpeted with Wild Garlic Allium ursinum.

Ham Common with Forest School

I spent some time in my favourite woodland today practicing a little tracking and having lunch. I thought I would just see what I could find to heat up the stew I had taken.

Silver D of E Group Training

Having a good time on the South Downs with a Silver D of E group even. I even managed to add in some tracking evidenced by the Badger print.