A Walk in the Woods and Some Lunch

I spent some time in a piece of local woodland today practicing a little tracking and having lunch.

I looked around to see what I could find to heat up the stew I had taken with me. To start with I wanted something to catch a spark and came across King Alfreds cake here you have a mature one beside one that is still growing. To take a spark they need to be like the one on the right black brittle and slightly shiny.

They will take a spark this one did and smouldered for over half an hour whilst I walked through the woods and looked around for the rest of the materials for the fire.

I carried it between 2 pieces of bark. Air dried Gorse and cherry bark made up the tinder bundle. Later I found Birch twigs and branches and a few fir cones to set the fire just big enough for the purpose of heating my meal and left no trace.

Not a bad couple of hours I also found Badger, Fox, Muntjac, Roe and took the photo of the Grey Squirrel tracks.