Early Morning Ramble

Last Tuesday I got out early for a wander round Ranmore common with the camera this is what I came back with.

Daldinia concentrica cramp ball fungus or King Alfred’s Cake a really handy fungus found on Ash that is a ready source of tinder and will take a spark when dry (word of warning though don’t try to dry them out in the airing cupboard black stains from the spores on white sheets tends to upset).

Wild strawberry Fragaria vesca but it could be the barren version Potentilla sterilis. I will need to go and look again for the fruit.

Bluebells Hyacinthoides non-scriptsa which are poisonous containing a glycoside called scillarens which causes sickness and a slow weak pulse.

Wood sorrel Oxalis acetosella which can be used for cleaning knives and is edible having a sharp citrus flavor that has been said to taste like apple peel.